Sunday, February 27, 2005

Into those unknown terrains

When we are young and fresh,

Bubbling with ideas for the future,

How strong are our dreams that

We can change the world!

But as we face obstacles

At each step we try to fly high,

Our optimism starts declining,

And we tend to loose Hope!

Change the world we can,

But it may not be in the ways we envisage,

Nature wants us to try new methods,

Follow new paths.

How often we tend to be complacent,

Once used to the familiar surroundings,

Then the destiny gives us a push,

To terrains unknown.

For it is by treading new horizons

That our souls can be enriched,

And learn the lessons of this birth.

So when the destiny pulls the floor

Of familiarity from beneath our feet,

We must offer thanks for the

New direction shown, for there lies the

Path to our goal, which will change

Our future, and that of the world around us too!

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