Friday, February 11, 2005

Spread your fragrance anyway

When I opened up the curtains
Before the Sun came up over the hills,
Sweet smell of the jasmine wafted through the air,
And greeted me with the best ‘good morning’
I could ever get.

The frail little jasmine plant that was put
In the yard months ago, had to undergo
A lot of tribulations that will put
A complaining jack to shame.

When it was just starting to grow,
Got crushed under the feet of a cow
Without a murmur of protest it started
Picking up life again by putting forth
Tender leaves so beautiful!

The street urchin thought nothing
Of beheading my beloved plant,
Did my tears of agony
Cause you grow back so fast?

When the tiny blushing buds
Were about to bloom,
Came the neighbor’s child on his bike
And trampled my jasmine plant!

Now at last the buds have bloomed,
Spreading the divine fragrance
We think plants are lowly creatures,
But are they really?

Whatever the circumstances,
They always try to give to the world around
Unlike man, who is on the lookout
To amass things for himself,
Whether he needs it or not!

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