Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Eating for Health

If you know that your thought waves are created
From the food you eat, you’ll be careful
Of the things you put into your mouth.

Treat your body as a machine or a temple
Of your soul, if you treat it like a machine,
Remember, you won’t put petrol in a car
With a full tank.
Then why over pack your stomach
When it is screaming,’ I’m full?’

If the body is your temple,
Eating becomes like a puja,
Consuming satwik food with
A mind filled with gratitude
Purifies your soul and spreads
Peace all around.

At this very moment, somebody is dying,
At some part of the world,
From lack of food, then how can
You eat beyond your needs?

You may eat to live OR
Live to eat.
Eating to live will see you healthy
And happy till your last day.
While living to eat is the sure
Way of digging the grave with your teeth!

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