Friday, March 11, 2005

Your body and you

If there is one basic thing for a stable life, it is the awareness that your body is not you. Lot of pain related to attachments immediately gets eliminated. Body is just like a dress that is used for sometime and thrown away when torn or faded. It is an instrument to experience the illusion of life and to learn the cosmic lessons to purify the spirit.

When we realize from our inner core that the body is not us, the undue important given to the relations crumbles down. One who is your mother now may have been your brother in the previous birth and in the next birth she/ he may be your friend or enemy depending on how you end up your relationship in this birth.

This being the case, where is the necessity for undue sorrow when somebody leaves for the heavenly abode? Understand the cosmic drama and enact your role to the fullest capacity and enjoy all that the nature has provided. And most importantly, let others also enjoy!!

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