Friday, February 18, 2005

Power and responsibility go hand in hand

Everybody wants to be in power, whether it is at home, in the workplace or in the world at large. There is nothing wrong in attaining a position of power. But what is most often overlooked is the responsibility that should be accompanying the power.

For example, the head of the family has to shoulder the responsibility to provide shelter, food and safety for the members. Head of an Institution should manage the team of his workers in an amicable way and make sure the workplace is conducive to maximum output of work. A social figure has the maximum responsibility because there are millions out there, including children and teenagers, who are the country's future, looking up to them and waiting to emulate their actions.

But how many of our social icons remember this when they appear in commercials? It is a known fact that aerated soft drinks are bad for health, but don’t you see how they are being promoted? Watching them, even tiny tots are getting aerated drinks when their mothers fill it in their feeding bottles. Who do you think will have to pay for this social erosion? Every body needs to make money for a living, but when one adapts this type of means, it is going to reflect in the lives of those who do such things and their near and dear ones.

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