Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mode of healing

Recently my friend’s father’s medical condition was complicated by jaundice. She asked me desperately, ‘why is it that there is no treatment for jaundice in allopathy? Why aren’t the doctors in USA researching to find a cure?’

For how many medical conditions do we have cure in allopathy? For arthritis? Diabetes? Asthma? Cataract?

The major flaw in allopathy is that it doesn’t take into consideration that ultimately it is the body that can bring about the healing. Of course allopathy is great to take care of emergency situations, but we have to agree that it doesn’t cure majority of the ailments. What it does is the symptomatic treatment OR alleviation of the symptoms.

By masking the symptoms, it delays or stops the body from bringing about the healing. When the body has brought about the disease, we should know that it IS capable of reversing the situation too. But allopathy shouts from the roof top that once you are a diabetic (or with so many other problems), you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Even if somebody wants to believe that the body has the capacity to heal, he is not allowed to do so because of the powerful anti messages from all around, from his friends, physicians and media.

Majority of the diseases are due to faulty food habits. Recently I read, ‘Stop eating for the doctors’, which means your faulty eating is sure to bring ailments, for which you have to go to the doctor and it is beneficial for him. So, you are eating this way for the benefit of the doctors!!

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