Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Raw food can work wonders for your body and mind

This body of ours is programmed to work faultlessly for hundred odd years. But we treat it so shabbily that it starts breaking down. If we treat our car the way we do our bodies, it has to remain in the garage most of the time.

As we age, the requirement of the food start reducing. Also, too much cooking and processing of the food accumulates poison in the body, especially in the muscles and joints. That is why arthritis is a very common problem. If the fried items are completely eliminated from the food of an arthritic person, within a week he/she will start getting relief.

Raw/uncooked food helps in rejuvenating the body.

You can take advantage by eating at least one time of the day only raw foods. If it happens to be dinner, even your sleep will be peaceful. If you can’t make it completely uncooked food, see to it that the cooked food constitutes only one third. Let the remaining be fruits and salads.

And did you know that alcohol affects the thinking pattern of a person? Alcohol hastens the irrational thinking pattern and aging process. Drink lots of water and see the skin start to sparkle!

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