Friday, October 09, 2015

Musings on China

In the recent times, China is a popular destination for foreign tourists. It is fascinating to watch the different culture, way of life, ancient cities and fast modernization.

Guangzhou is a tourism city and a famous culture city with a history of more than 2,200 years. We got an opportunity to visit Guangzhou in the pretext of attending the Dental South China International Expo 2015.

 Canton Tower                                                               Majestic statue of Buddha

Five Rams statue

Across the Pearl river

It is almost impossible to communicate in China.  Nobody knows even common words  like "What", "Where", "Coffee" e.t.c.,  The surprising thing is they can't even understand sign language. Basically they are very helpful people  and generally don't cheat.  They  are very noisy people. There  is so much cacophony in the  restaurants.

In Guangzhou, the whole city was stinking - different areas have different offensive smells. Is it because they are staunch non vegetarians and eat almost any living thing? It is  not easy to get  normal coffee or tea (with milk  and sugar).

Living beings waiting to be eaten:

    All the ladies here are trim. They  wear very short skirts - but no cleavage exposure. It was a stark difference to India that men don't stare or give  side way glances, or try to establish body contact with women even in the crowded metro.

We saw "Swastika" in many places,  but in opposite direction. On a small statue of Buddha, over the chest there was Swastika in anticlockwise direction.

Soda versus green tea:

While walking around  in Guangzhou, the striking factor was that all Chinese people were in good body shape.When I watched people having meals in restaurants, I realized that they eat well. But it is healthy food. Lots of vegetables, meat and soups, but rice is taken in small bowls. I thought this must be one of the factors helping them to maintain body shape.

The second reason, according to me, is the fact that they use chop sticks to eat. Food quantity that can be taken to the mouth at a time is much less as compared to what one can take, when using a spoon, fork, or eating with hands.

Then, they drink a lot of green tee, even during meals. This must be having a definite role in keeping the body fat down. I remembered that in American streets, people walk around with large glasses of soda (aerated drinks) and there is so much obesity there. Chinese people always carry flasks of green tea.

Another interesting fact I noticed was that they prefer steps to lifts. In the railway platform, everyone was using the stairs, even long ones, and the lifts were lying idle.

I have to mention that we managed to get some awesome vegetarian food here.

Awesome banana fry

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