Thursday, September 03, 2015

Reiki group healing

Reiki group healing used to happen regularly at ARTH (Academy for Reiki Training and Healing), Belgam. When three close associates moved away, some or how it was not happening. I really used to crave for a group healing because it always gave me amazing experiences.

When multiple Reiki channels are transmitting energy to you, it is very powerful. It feels like you are being lifted up. That feeling of floating in the air, with powerful vibrations all around you, is incomparable. Then that high energy status would stay with me at least a month.

A point came when I thought I could no longer wait for the experience. I called up some of the Reiki channels and fixed a group healing on 31st August 2015. It was a Monday, as Mondays are my Reiki days. Being a working day, some of them couldn’t come. Then some of them were out of station.

But I was determined, I had to make a start. So five of us came together and did group healing. Only two of us had experienced group healing before, for the other three it was a wonderful healing. They thanked me profusely and told that this should happen every month now.

My experience this time was a unique one. After I started Reiki healing almost two decades back,  my breathing rate has come down to a great extent (this happens with every serious Reiki practitioner). During the group healing, it came down further; it was as if I was not breathing at all. I could feel energy (prana) entering my body through every pore of my body and my inner self was whispering, ‘There is no need to breathe, you are soaked in prana’!!

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