Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Continuing Reiki miracles….

When I just finished work on my dental patient, a family of husband, wife and son came to discuss about Reiki. They didn’t have much knowledge about Reiki. The wife (35 years) was always tired and found the household chores very strenuous. The inability to look after the needs of her husband and children made her frustrated, leading to angry retorts.

How did you know about Reiki?

Her cousin’s son started getting epileptic seizures from the age of four. It was very distressing for the child and the parents and they did all sorts of treatments till the age of 18. Nothing was working and the boy was going through hell. Then they went to the Reiki Academy in Bangalore (ARTH) and got the Reiki healing done. And the seizures stopped, forever, “as if it never existed”, in her words. Now he is 22 years old. So her cousin invited her to Bangalore to get Reiki healing for her lack of energy.

The husband thought that there may be some Reiki master in Belgaum, searched the net and found me (ARTH, Belgaum). I explained to them about Reiki and how it could help her. Since she had come to my dental clinic and saw the dental chair and equipments, she thought that Reiki healing may be an invasive procedure and was very scared. I told her that I wouldn’t even touch her for the healing.

Absence of energy in all chakras

I checked her energy level at the chakras before the healing and to my surprise, the pendulum remained still in front of every chakra. Usually the pendulum moves in one or two chakras in ordinary people. This was the first instance where the pendulum didn’t move in any of the chakras. I could totally understand her lack of energy. Then I gave her a Reiki healing and I noticed the change in her breathing style, it was longer and more relaxed, during the healing.

A glowing face

When I finished healing, her face opened up with a broad smile. Her face was glowing and she felt very relaxed. I checked the energy level and she and her husband noticed how the pendulum moved in front of all chakras. And she took appointment for the next class to learn Reiki.

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