Thursday, November 24, 2005

Your life’s puzzle

Each and every creation of nature is beautiful. It fills a place in this vast universe that is unique for itself. Human beings are no exception. Whatever we think of ourselves, we occupy a unique position in this Universe, each one of us.

The problem is, when we are born, nature doesn’t reveal this picture. It is made into a jigsaw puzzle and the task is ours to complete the picture. We can very well put the pieces together and complete it during our life time.

The trouble starts when we look at others’ lives and lament,’ If only my pieces were like that, it would have been so nice’. Comparing our life with that of others and getting depressed, we lose time and by the time our life is over, we are nowhere near completion of this unique picture. Come on, let’s work with the pieces we have got, to compete it and admire its beauty!!

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