Monday, November 14, 2005

Alone, yet not alone

In this fast paced life, everything around you is out to distance you from the actual and real journey that you have undertaken at the time of birth. We spend a precious life time amassing perishable goods and toiling hard to build up relationships that are mortal.

There is a brilliant truth residing inside you, in all its splendor, which can get you in touch with the ultimate bliss. Removing the innumerable veils that are masking this truth is a strictly personal exercise. If anybody thinks that there may be a companion to the path to salvation, it is a big mirage.

No two human beings can be on the same spiritual level and this makes communication between them an impossible task. It is only that the tolerant ones can listen to other view points, but aggressive persons will snub and ridicule. They just broadcast their view points, not even giving the other a chance to air their thoughts.

Companionship is valuable only to the extent of performing the worldly duties, bringing up family and fulfilling the social obligations. In the journey towards the inner truth, no mortal being can be your companion. At the same time one is not alone in the abstract sense. The ultimate truth, of which you are a part, is waiting eagerly to guide you in each step that you willingly take towards it. Search your inner core with complete devotion and you will be instantly in touch with this greatest companion of all!

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