Thursday, November 17, 2005

Eternal emptiness?

You touched my heartstrings

With the love rays from your eyes,

The melody that followed

Filled my heart, my lips trembled,

And my body quivered.

Those intense feelings of mine,

Solidified into ice, with your love gaze,

Forming a block of love.

It preserved my happiness, cooled my passion

And sustained my life.

Then the gaze wandered,

And my love block melted.

I felt the emptiness creeping in,

As the melting feelings dripped down,

Though my fingers were tightly closed.

When the alien vibrations encircled them

My hands cracked, and exposed

The emptiness as I opened them.

I stand with my open palms,

Is this emptiness eternal?

And the loneliness fixed

By those alien ripples?

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