Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kalyug is in microcosm, not macrocosm

According to the Hindu scriptures, it is interpreted that the most corrupted of the four ages, the Kalyug has started and it will prevail for many more years. Thousands of Hindus thinking in this fashion day in and day out will add power to the corrupt parties and make the living environment difficult.

It is quite possible that there may be a flaw in the interpretation. It may be in the context of the microcosm, and not in relation to the macrocosm that the present age may be laden with corruption and cheating.

It is for the benefit of all that we have to concentrate on all the good elements and open hearted individuals and give them the power through our collective positive thinking, to overcome the evil forces. Kalyug is the easiest period to attain mental peace, it just needs japa, whereas in the earlier yugas, many years of penance was needed. So let’s make use of this and start sending positive waves right from this moment!

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