Thursday, October 06, 2005

The great jigsaw puzzle

We as humans are the only species that plan the future for the whole life. We have explicit ideas as to what we want to eat, what type of house and vehicle we should own and how others should be behaving with us (!). We can’t be happy if our expectations don’t materialize. Strangely enough, we can’t be happy even when they materialize, because by then new expectations have arisen.
There is nothing wrong in striving to achieve things in life. But majority of us fail to see our aspirations in relation to the whole picture of life. In this huge picture, we are just jigsaw pieces. So then, there is a limitation to what we can aspire and materialize.

It is when we overlook this aspect that we try to harm and overstep others for our selfish motives. This may go on for some sometime, but ultimately such attempts will backfire because they are not in tune with the master plan of Nature. Deceptions, lies and treachery have to get exposed with time and the concerned persons will get their due ‘rewards’ without any doubt.

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