Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Attract the positive waves

The whole world has seen the fury of Tsunami. The tremendous destruction that resulted has been broadcasted umpteen times on TV channels. Let us pray for the departed souls and for those who were directly affected, so that they can put their lives back to normalcy.

Just as there is a positive side for every negative thing in this Universe, let us search and experience the positive contribution of Tsunami. Close your eyes, hey sensitive souls, and try to feel the lashing waves of Tsunami. For a second, your whole being will be shaken up by the impact. Stay calm, go deeper, deeper and slowly you will start experiencing tremendous calm and peace. You will feel strong surges of energy. It will bring bubbles after bubbles of happiness.

This is also of significance to all the healers of the world since this healing energy that you have experienced can augment whatever healing methods you have adopted. Let us all take advantage of this. It can really give you a leap in your spiritual journey, and together, let us direct this energy for world peace and happiness!

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