Monday, March 14, 2005

Forever energetic

Aren’t we blessed to be in a Land,

Where we are sure to see the Sunshine?

When we go to sleep in the darkness so bland,

Aren’t we sure we’ll wake up to the warmth,

And brightness in the morning?

The sun that shines so bright and majestic,

Giving us all that’s needed to sustain

this drama of life, Have you ever sensed,

The sun complaining of tiredness?

With the food that the Mother earth gives,

And the life energy from the sun,

Do you think we need anything else,

To put to good use this body machine of ours?

It is time to remove the word ‘Fatigue’

From the dictionary of our lives

Know that it is but a state of mind.

We are forever connected

To the source of energy eternal,

All that we need is to keep ourselves open!!

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