Sunday, July 08, 2018

Two health problems from different animal lives

Skin problem from a Chimpanzee’s life

Karunakar (name changed), a happy go lucky 30 year old was troubled by skin infection on his hands and abdomen. He was on long term allopathy treatment and when he was put on steroids he started looking for alternatives. Learning Reiki from me three years back, he could come out of the allopathy treatment.

The skin problem was not completely relieved, but he was not practicing Reiki every single day due to his work schedule. Last week (2nd July 2018) he came for a past life regression session, curious to find out what was the reason for the skin problem.

He had watched a lot of PLR sessions on the net and very smoothly went into a medium trance. No cause for the skin problem could be found from his current life. When he went to the life where he got the problem for the first time and I asked him to describe his feet, he exclaimed, ‘They are chipanzee’s feet.’ He described to me the life of the chimpanzee, playing with six others, eating jackfruit etc., There was no major incidents in that life.

When he watched the death scene of the chimpanzee, suddenly he exclaimed, ‘There is skin infection on his hands and abdomen.’ I took him through the healing process wherein he could leave everything associated with that life without being carried over to the current life.

Persisting neck pain

When he came to learn Reiki, he was also seeking relief from lower back pain and mild pain on the back of the neck. After self Reiki healing practice, his lower back pain was gone, but the pain on the back of the neck was still troubling him even though his daily activities were not hampered due to his daily Reiki practice.

Sacrifice of a goat

He saw himself wandering as a small goat in a mountainous region, eating fresh grass with his friends. He described in detail the beautiful surroundings. When he went to the most significant moment in that life, he started shivering and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

‘We are being led in a group to this temple...’  He became quiet for some time, just the tears flowing. After a while, he told, ‘They are sacrificing the goats. I am watching... I am scared.’

I asked him to move forward a little bit in time, to observe what was happening and to narrate. ‘They are cutting my neck, at the back’. I made him observe the scene as a soul leaving that body and helped him to integrate and incorporate the fact that the neck pain associated with that life need not be carried over to the current life.

An incredible session, and positive result

He was beaming when he came out of the trance and exclaimed, ‘I am feeling so light now.’ On waking up, there was no neck pain.

After a week, he told that 30% of his problem was gone and he could feel changes happening slowly. In some clients resolution of problem happens dramatically whereas in others it happens over a period of time. I am sure he will be a completely healthy man soon! 

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