Monday, June 04, 2018

There goes the 20 year old pain!

When the client came to learn Reiki, he asked me, ‘Do you recognise me?’ I searched my memory bank, couldn’t remember seeing him before and replied in the negative.
‘I brought my sister to you for healing for chronic stomach pain two years ago (2016).
‘And how is she now?’
‘Oh, she is totally fine now.’ I was happy to hear that. I don’t get follow up reports from many clients. After the Reiki class I tried to get more details about his sister. That is when I came to know that she had come for a PLR session.

Checking the records

Later I pulled out her record from my file. 51 year old Tanya (name changed) came to me to get relief from her stomach pain that was troubling her for the past twenty years. She described herself as a positive person with very good tolerance for pain. With her compassionate nature, she helps many people, who later cheat her, making her depressed.

Why PLR?

I asked her why she decided to have the PLR session. She said that she had a feeling it may help her. About a year and a half back she had attended a camp for past life regression, but the attempt to get her regressed was not successful. She now approached me with renewed hope.

The session

She went into a light trance through progressive relaxation technique. Early years of her current life had nothing of therapeutic significance. She easily slipped into a past life where she had short hair and was wearing soldier’s clothes. Her name was Narayan.
It was dark all around and Narayan was standing alone, when a group of people came and stood in a line near Narayan. They were all looking at him and discussing, ‘What should we do with this fellow?’
Narayan’s thought at that time was, ‘I got trapped by these people!’
The men started beating Narayan with sticks, shouting, ‘Beat him, beat him.’  He fell down, but they kept beating him to their satisfaction and then ran away. He felt excruciating pain in the body.

The soul’s journey

Narayan watched the soul leaving the body as a blue light, going to higher realms where other souls were welcoming it. They remarked, ‘Good that you have come’ and all of them went for a meeting. The soul could neither sense the lesson for that life nor get that information from the guides.

The next life

I guided Tanya to find what that soul did next. In her own words, ‘One lady is coming, she is fat. She is telling me, ’Come into my womb.’ Tanya’s mother is a fat lady, as she told me later.
I then instructed her to ask her guides to provide a peaceful and healthy life, free of pain to complete the mission in this life. She asked me, ‘Can I ask forgiveness for something?’ I told her to go ahead. She was silent for a few minutes communicating with the guides. I watched her face becoming peaceful and radiant.
She remarked with relief in her voice, ‘They all blessed me with happiness and peace of mind, and strength to follow the right path.’ She was awakened with a fresh, happy and light feeling.

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