Thursday, September 03, 2015

Why the society is in a mess

When I was a man,
I performed man's duties,
To the best of my ability `
I came home after a hard day's labour,
To the loving embrace of my wife, 
Who prepared warm water for my bath,
And fed me what she had cooked,
With the ingredient of Love.

Seasons changed, roles changed.
I was born a girl, when it was time,
To marry the man I loved,
I was thinking of all the things
That I would do to make his life 
Comfortable and peaceful.

And he in turn, was planning things
To accomplish, to make me feel loved,
and cared for.

For centuries, man was happy,
Doing his duties,
He could appreciate things,
That his feminine counterpart
Did for him.

Then came a time,
Man started mistreating his better half,
Suppressing her, taking advantage of her.

For eons women suffered - 
Then came a day, they thought,
'Enough is enough, we're not weaklings,
We are equal to men',
They cut short their hair,
They wore men's clothes.
Took upon themselves men's occupations.

But alas! feminine duties also fell, 
Entirely on their tender shoulders, 
As men were not ready to lend a helping hand.

This imbalance couldn't last long,
And man got ready to help,
his better half.

Little does the mankind know
That every job is not for both. 
Man is endowed with physical strength, 
He can do physical work much faster
and easier than women.

Women are endowed with mental
And emotional strength.
They can be the pillar of the family,
Nourisher for babies,
Anchor for kids, much better than men.
Simply because that is how
Nature meant it to be.

Women are like the Earth,
The nourisher, the multiplier,
They need not prove they are
Equal to men.

Men are like the sky,
The protector, they are
not endowed with the role
of Nourisher by Nature.

Go deeper and understand,
Man and woman, they are
just roles taken by us.
To experience the joys and sorrows,
To go beyond,
To the ultimate realization,
that we are all just souls!


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Lakshmi said...

Interesting, we were discussing today how men started looking at themselves as superior because they earned money. And as a result, children grew up - girls and boys - wanting to be their father, because he was the superior one. When a family values money more than love, then they will be left with more money than love - and the gap accentuates with every generation.