Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words of wisdom from an octogenarian

Just back from kerala and the sweltering heat. While happily boarding the A/C compartment, little did I realize that the journey was going to be educative as well. There was an old couple sitting adjacent and we struck a conversation with them. They were siblings, the lady 87 years old and the man 85!. She is a spinster and when asked why she didn't marry, she told ' never felt the need to do so.' The younger brother was a family man, but since his wife doesn't keep good health, he tours with his sister to explore new places.

We were curious to know what her understanding of life was, from 87 years of experience.
'Stand for truth, be true to yourself. Try to achieve perfection in whatever you do' was her clear message.
What does she think of the new generation?
'They are blindly following the rat race, without realizing that materialistic things cannot give lasting happiness. But they don't have any role models now. Money has assumed to status of God for many.'
Both of them acknowledged to the fact that there are ample good people around, and because of them the world is going on. Many people help them during their travels by fetching drinking water and exchanging their lower berths.
As always, I asked for some tips to maintain a healthy body in the old age.
'Get up early in the morning. do yoga and pranayama for at least an hour. Eat less and have more of raw food.'
I couldn't resist my standard question I have for any healthy lady above 80 years of age. 'Do you wash your clothes?'
'Yes. of course, I sit and wash all my clothes. Only the bed sheets go into the washing machine.' Is it just coincidence that all the 80 years and above healthy ladies (I have encountered about half a dozen) cook and wash their clothes?

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