Monday, October 27, 2008

To my li’l sis

Diwali is here, and my heart wrenches

At the thought I won’t hear your voice,

Wishing me all the luck and happiness.

I always knew yours was a higher soul,

But it was this pure and innocent,

I came to know only after you left me.

Your face was so serene and blissful,

I felt your eyes will open any moment,

And your lips will widen into a beautiful smile.

Your cheeks were cold to my touch,

How I wished I could infuse

Warmth into your body from mine!

Your feet were hard, did it hurt

When you remained

In the cold chamber for long?

You never liked cold,

And I’m sure you were aware

How fervently I was praying for you..

If my healings have contributed

To your passing away so peacefully,

I am for ever indebted to God.

Though you got many a rough deal from life

You never showed it on your smiling face,

Truly you were a God’s child!

You touched the lives of many,

And always had something worth

To impart to all those who met you.

You were Grace personified while accepting gifts

Your brightened face compensated for

All the troubles I had in selecting them for you.

You never complained they were not up to your liking,

Because you could sense the feelings behind!

I am thankful to God for giving me

So many wonderful years

Of togetherness with you

I am thankful to God for never

Bringing materialistic thoughts and things

Into our relationship

I am thankful to God for giving us

Opportunities and the mindset to enrich

Each other’s lives in so many ways

I’m sure you are waiting to welcome me

To join you in Eternal Bliss

If we have to take earthly forms again,

It is my prayer to the Almighty,

To make us sisters again!


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