Friday, April 01, 2011

Planning or spontaneity?

Should we plan things or just be spontaneous? There are people who will argue vehemently for both the views. As always, I look upon Nature for guidance. Does Nature plan things? You bet. Just as the summer heat spreads, we find water melons ready to be eaten. If the flowering didn't happen at the time it did, do you think the fruits will be ready? The birds prepare nests before laying eggs. We will get ample examples around us.

But we as human beings are an elevated lot, right? As for me, it is not whether one should plan or not, the important aspect is in not getting attached to the result of our planning. Using our intellect and common sense, we have to plan things that need to be planned, but if they don't go the way they are planned, it should not affect our mental status. It also helps to have the faith that something better is in the offing, that's why the plan didn't materialize.

Then there are aspects where spontaneity is needed. Let's enjoy the surprises in life too.

For one who does multi tasking, planning makes life smooth and enjoyable, otherwise it can be hectic and very tiresome. Like if I want to enjoy home made dosas on Sunday morning, I have to plan and start preparations right from Saturday morning.

At the same time, I enjoy the surprises during a vacation trip, when minor aspects are not planned. So it is for us to decide which aspects of life need planning.

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