Sunday, August 28, 2005

Have an anchor

When you are going through your day today life, once in a while just stop and ponder whether you have an anchor in your life. When you experience the ups and downs of life it is this anchor that keeps you sane.

The anchor may be anything that one chooses for his life. Religion is one that serves millions of people around the world. Whichever anchor you choose, it helps you to grasp the underlying truth of life, that there is a power greater than you. It is this power that controls the movement of the planets, the heat of the sun, movement of the wind etc,
It is also the power that provides food for the umpteenth living organisms.
The moment we grasp the truth that there is a limitation to what we can do, we experience humility and this brings a different dimension to our lives. The world will go on even if we don’t do anything. Whatever we do, it is for our own sake, our own enrichment and experience. We will put in our best efforts and at the same time be thankful to that greater power for having given the opportunity to do. Give five minutes everyday to think about your anchor and see the life spreading a heavenly fragrance.

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