Saturday, August 13, 2005

Keep your organs fit

There is a saying,’ When you have teeth, you don’t have food to eat, and when you get food to eat, you don’t have the teeth’. But nature has not designed it that way. Everything is designed for man to enjoy his life to the fullest. But man through his negligence, and sometimes ignorance, doesn’t take care of his assets that were supposed to last a life time.

Just look around and you will see examples all around you. See what strong and shapely bodies people have in their youth. But due to excessive and improper eating, they convert this beautiful creation into a barrel. Body is like a machine after all. For the health to remain for a life time, proper care needs to be taken.

People may spend hours at the gym developing muscles. It is definitely good to develop muscles. But one has to also think what runs this body efficiently. It is the internal organs that keep the body working. These organs need stimulation, exercise and oxygen to remain in health. These are provided by doing pranayama and yoga.

If one wants to enjoy the fruits of his labor in the later years of life, he has to start thinking about it right during his youth and spend some time daily for the proper care of his body.

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