Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keep depositing

Our lives have an efficient banking system. Just like you can withdraw money from the bank only if you have deposited money, you will get life’s experiences depending upon the type of your thoughts and deeds. And remember, whatever experience that comes to you, is a matured account ready for release, though you may have forgotten the type of deposit (good or bad) you made years back.

Like the banking system, you will get simple interest and compound interest based on the time period. Inflation aspect is one thing people overlook in the life’s experiences. One good deed done in a life time, and they think its return should be indefinite and should have the same value. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen and they tend to turn bitter and miss out on the joys of life.

So remember the life’s simple rule, to keep on getting love and respect from others, you have to keep on giving same to all around you. Apart from getting infinite returns, it purifies your soul. Well well, isn’t this a sufficient incentive to put on your bright smile and love and help others?