Saturday, April 16, 2005

Maintain your tool

Today morning I was standing out in the balcony, listening to the chirping of the birds. My attention was drawn to the morning walkers. There was a couple; I had seen the lady being brought as a new bride eight years back. She was tall, thin and beautiful. Today she looks like a barrel, her neck has disappeared among the bulges of flesh. Her graceful walk has changed to a wobbling movement. I felt sad. What a beautiful body God had given her! In just eight years she has changed it to this form. Very soon she may fall victim to many long term diseases.

Then there was this man in the prime of his youth, with a big pot belly. Every few yards he had to stop to catch his breath. He is known for his late night parties and unlimited alcohol consumption. He has been diagnosed with diabetes recently.

If we think that we have just one life to live, wouldn’t we like to complete all that we want to do? What is the only tool that we have got to realize our dreams? It is this physical body. And whose responsibility is it to maintain it in a healthy condition? Still we don’t think twice when we abuse it to any extent, by stuffing with unhealthy food, acidic drinks, smoke and depriving it of the precious sleep. If we abuse our car in the same way, it will stop running in just two days.

The Nature is so lenient that the body still keeps on working after so much of abuse, until it finally breaks down. Being the most intelligent species on earth, isn’t it our primary duty to take care of this precious tool, our physical body?

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