Thursday, April 14, 2005

Awaken your compassion.

We all shudder at the thought of murdering another human being. Neither do we want to inflict physical injury to others. In day to day life of an ordinary human being, there is equal participation of the physical body and the mind. Just like the pain elicited from a physical assault, verbal assault can also give extreme pain.

Verbal assaults are longer lasting. The intensity of a physical assault cannot be felt the same way when it is remembered at later date. But the caustic remarks, even when remembered years later, will cause the same amount of mental pain.

If only you care to be a little sensitive, you can visualize the bleeding minds when people are being ridiculed or snubbed. This causes their DNAs to shrink, which will hamper their immune system, leading to physical diseases. And you know what – when his/ her DNAs shrink, so do your own DNAs! Hence by our verbal murders, we are jeopardizing our own health too.

It is not necessary to even mouth our remarks, just thinking negative about oneself and others will cause the same effect on the DNAs. Awaken your compassion and speak and think only good about self and others to enjoy and spread health!!

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