Saturday, April 16, 2005

Be open

When the warmth of the day rose

And people were drenched in sweat

Down came the rain, bringing

The much needed respite.

Anything that goes up,

Has to come down,

This unwritten law of Nature,

Is accepted by everything, but the man.

As the rain poured down heavily,

Bringing strong wind that shook,

The trees so violently, but did I hear

The trees crying?

Do the trees have the intelligence

To know that the stronger the winds

They withstand, the sturdier their

Wood become?

There was a commotion on the street,

Dogs and cats running to find shelter,

Even they were not crying,

Over their wet bodies and the chilly wind.

Inside the house, watching the rain

Through the windows,

Men were cursing the rain ‘cos

The current went off due to fallen branches.

Isn’t man the only ‘closed’ Being

On the earth, refusing to accept

Nature and its diversities wholeheartedly

And enjoy the changes that it provides?

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