Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Make your tomorrows beautiful.

If we boil down all religions and sieve the remaining potion, what will remain? The ‘Cause and effect’! The whole creation runs on this universal law. If only we understand this and consider it seriously, life will become happier and peaceful.

Whatever we are experiencing right now, is because of our past actions or thoughts. If this realization sinks into our being, we will know that our tomorrows can be made better by today’s actions and thoughts.

Stop for a moment and find out what is the thought in your mind, or what is the action you are doing. What do you think will be its implication to your future? The effect of the causes you are creating will definitely materialize. It is only a matter of time, which we can’t predict.

So, be in complete awareness all the time and enjoy beautiful tomorrows!

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