Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Enact your role, don’t identify with it

If you are acting in a drama or a movie, once you finish your performance, you come to your normal self. This world is a stage and we are all performing our varied roles. It is  along path. The sad aspect is that we identify with the role so much that we never come back to our real selves.

See for example people writing ‘Ex- minister’ or ‘Ex- Principal’. They are not ready to leave the past behind. What are you at this very moment? Are you a good human being? Are you helping anybody in any way, at least by giving a beautiful smile?

When you started our life, you were somebody’s son or daughter and that was the primary role you had to do. Later more roles will be adding on to this and they have to be performed. But all the while you have to introspect and try to find out who the real you are.

When finally your children go away and you retire from your job, you get more time to be in touch with your real self and experience the joy and peace within. This is possible only if you have been doing the introspection during the early years. Those who have not been doing this, well, God save them. You can very well identify these people; they will be full of complaints and finding fault with everything and everyone around them.

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