Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Keep up the Trust

When somebody places a trust in you,
Don’t you think that we should keep it up?
Or for what else has God made us the
Most intelligent beings on earth?

One time you break somebody’s trust,
You are pushing a sword into his heart,
There may be a chance the bleeding heart
Eventually heals up.

But you keep breaking the Trust again & again,
You are burning his soul.
Have you seen a body with third degree burns,
Looking normal again even after
Multiple surgeries by the best Plastic surgeons?

Just like the body is scarred for life,
Remember, you are scarring his soul for a lifetime.
In your deathbed, what you remember will be
The dreams, the hopes and the love you shared with others.
So keep up the trust the loved ones put in you
It is worth all the efforts!!

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