Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Request Reiki for anything at all

When people get disillusioned by allopathy, they turn to alternative therapies. I can't remember any client who has not tried allopathy treatment before coming to me for Reiki healing. Majority of Reiki channels, including me, learn Reiki to stay away from allopathy medicines. Without doubt, Reiki brings amazing results for physical problems, sometimes even magical outcomes.

Lighting a bulb

After a few weeks of me and my two daughters becoming Reiki channels, we tried to revive a CFL bulb that was flickering by giving Reiki. When my husband saw the three of us doing this, he was amused. He said, 'If you can make that bulb stay lit for five minutes, I'll give hundred rupees.' And we got that money from him. That bulb was used for at least two years more. In between whenever it started flickering, we used to give Reiki.

Reiki while cooking

When my children were small, they had dislikes for certain vegetables. While cooking them, I would give Reiki to the effect that they ate them without any fuss, and it used to happen.

For obtaining visa

In the early years of my Reiki practice, one client said to me,' I want to ask you for something. But please don't laugh at me.'

I said that I won't laugh. She said that her ninety year old, physically  fit mother- in-law wanted to visit her daughter in Switzerland, but was refused visa twice. She wanted to know whether Reiki healing will grant her the visa. I was not sure, but I was ready to experiment.

We fixed one week Reiki healing and she applied for visa once the healing sessions were over. Voila! She was granted visa and visited her daughter. 

For getting jobs

There are innumerable incidences where Reiki has helped people to get jobs and improve businesses. 

Electronic devices love Reiki

When you are away from home and expecting an important call on your mobile, if it shows low battery, don't worry. Just keep the mobile between your palms and give it Reiki. It will remain alive till you get that call. Then of course you have to charge it on reaching home.

Many people have reported problematic  laptops and computers working smoothly on giving Reiki.

Need a parking space?

In big cities getting a parking space is a problem. Reiki can really help you here. Start sending Reiki about three minutes before reaching the place and you will get a parking space.

Once it happened with my daughter that in spite of sending Reiki she didn't get a parking space and she had to go back without visiting the shop that she wanted to buy something from. Next day she went again, got the parking space, and  told the shop keeper that she couldn't come to the shop the previous day due to parking problem. Then he exclaimed, 'We were closed yesterday, madam.'

See, that is why we say Reiki is an intelligent energy. It can see things that we can't and with time we realise this and will accept Reiki's decisions whole heartedly. Our faith deepens and we can totally surrender to Reiki, which is the ultimate step.

Effect on weather conditions

My sister had to catch the train at 4 am from Trivandrum after her yearly vacations. Many times it would be raining cats and dogs at that time and she used to send Reiki. The rain would stop for the time needed for her to reach the railway station.

We were travelling with kids many years back in Paris, Sweden and Utah. The weather forecast used to tell there would be snowing. I don't like extreme cold weather and used to send Reiki. It so happened that it snowed in all these places the day we flew out. My daughter was angry with me for many years that because of me she couldn't see snowing.

Reiki to improve relationships

Reiki is really helpful for improving relationships. It will at the same remove people, who are not conducive for your spiritual growth, from your life.

Mind is the only limitation

We can request anything to Reiki and it will materialise if it is in tune with the Universe and it is conducive for our growth. It can help us get out of any tough situation. Once you experience this, whenever anything happens in life, first thing that comes to your mind will be, 'Reiki, please help me', and help will definitely be there.

If we can expand our mind and involve Reiki in our day to day dealings, it will open up a whole new world.

Karmic lessons to be dealt with

Reiki can't prevent your karmic lessons. You can request Reiki to help you go through those experiences in a calm state and you will be surprised at the way you start handling things that you thought would break you down.

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