Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Why do Reiki masters/channels stop giving Reiki healing to others?

Last month the client who came to learn Reiki told me that her father was a Reiki IIIA channel and he had helped many people heal through Reiki. He used to give Reiki healing to many friends and relatives, who benefitted tremendously. But now he only does self-healing, no more healing for others.
‘Why,’ I was curious.
“Because he started picking up symptoms of clients and suffering himself.”
I asked the most obvious reason, ‘Was he giving them healing free?’
I have come across many Reiki masters also who do only attunements. They don’t do healing for others.

The reasons for picking up symptoms

Over the years I learned many things the hard way. In the initial years I used to feel very hesitant to ask a fee for the Reiki healing. My teacher told me strictly that it should not be given free.

Once a close friend came for healing and she told she will pay me later. I agreed and continued with the 21 days healing that we had fixed. After a week I had an acute suffering with the problem she was taking healing for. After two hours of suffering it struck me. I called her up and told that I would be forced to discontinue healing unless she paid up immediately. And I was relieved of the symptoms!

I always stress in my classes the importance of having an energy exchange for healing. It need not be always money. It can be a worthy gift, a service rendered or something similar. Giving Reiki healing free is the commonest reason for picking up symptoms.

Free things are not valued

Imagine while walking on the road you find a costly pen lying on the road. You pick it up and come home. Most probably you will just keep it somewhere in the house and go ahead with your routine. Now another scenario. You go to the shop to buy a costly pen. You take time to choose and buy a similar pen as in the previous example. Now when you reach home, you will keep that pen somewhere safely before doing anything else.

When people fix up for distant healing, they are supposed to sit at a certain time to receive the healing energy. I have seen that when they don’t pay for it, they will miss out on sitting to receive healing, giving so many excuses. Once a payment is done, they usually are regular.

Clearing Karmic debt

It is always give and take in the Universe. Karmic debts are to be cleared even if it takes another life time. Once Reiki healing is given free, to negate that debt, both these souls may have to wait for many eons to incarnate together.  If the energy exchange is done immediately, the slate is clear to proceed in your journey of life.

When you think you are the healer

When one begins thinking he/she is the healer and starts feeling high, there comes the problem of suffering from the clients’ symptoms.

In this aspect I was lucky that my Reiki master grilled into my brain that ‘You are not the healer. It is the client who heals himself/herself. You are just a Reiki channel, providing energy for them to heal themselves. Don’t ever feel proud and think they are your achievements. Just thank Reiki for making it happen.’

Ground yourselves while giving Reiki to others

Another situation where you may pick up symptoms is when you are not grounded while channeling Reiki energy. You are grounded when your feet are touching the ground. Problem comes when the floor is made of wood, which prevents grounding. In such situations, one has to ask for white light protection from Reiki before starting the healing session.

Is energy exchange mandatory in every single case?

It is not. Suppose you are giving Reiki healing to your mother. It is ridiculous to ask her anything in return. Already she has given you so much that you will never be able to repay. So wherever there is already an energy exchange, healing can be given free.

In another situation, your friend came to know that you have learned Reiki and out of curiosity wants to experience it. Go ahead and give a healing, no exchange needed. But if he/she felt so relaxed after the healing and got a very good sleep that day, and brings the parent for healing for disturbed mind, there has to be an energy exchange.

For the Universal good

This is another area where, as Reiki channels we come together to stream Reiki energy in situations of natural calamity, a plane hijack, or any other condition where large group of people are in pain and suffering. Even if you are sending healing individually for this purpose, no exchange is necessary.

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