Sunday, March 12, 2017

Can we remain in peace and bliss?

A common request I come across is ‘I want to remain in peace, but every small unpleasant thing that happens in life brings in restlessness and I can’t get even have a peaceful sleep.’ Inner peaceful state and having a good night’s sleep are very critical for maintaining our health.

Pendulum clocks

We all have seen the old pendulum clocks. It used to be very fascinating during childhood to watch the movement of the pendulum.

Let us consider the pendulum is just standing in the center. When we pull it to one side and leave, we have provided it some energy. Once we leave it, it will move to the same dimension to the opposite side. The energy for this movement was given to the pendulum by our pulling the pendulum to the other side. That means, movement to one side contains the inherent energy for movement to the other side. 

The role of inherent energy

Just for understanding purpose, let us consider that the area to the left of the pendulum is negative and to the right is positive.

This means if we act in any extreme negative way, we will act in an extreme positive way before coming to the balanced status. This is in relation to the Cosmic play, not in relation to a single life time. This creates problem in our perception and understanding, creating misery in our lives.

By the same token, if we have experienced extreme happiness in our lives, the same fact makes the manifestation of extreme sadness in our lives before we achieve the peace and bliss state. Remember, this may be spanning over several life times.

Are we doomed?

 Is it mandatory that we have to go through all sorts of extremes to achieve peace and bliss? Yes, it is mandatory if we consider ourselves as this physical body and are deeply attached to everything associated with the body, whether materialistic or relationships. 

Whatever is happening in this impermanent world is just happening in our mental emotional fields. Our inner core or heart center is not affected by this and if we can get in touch with it, we can experience peace and bliss in this very moment.

Difficult, but not impossible

Let us think of the pendulum again. You have pulled it to one side and left. As it comes towards the center, before t goes to the other side, you can just hold it and let it remain in the center , then slowly remove the hand. Now the pendulum is centered, isn’t it?

Same way, by  gaining proper understanding and regular practice, we can attain a state of peace and bliss, regardless of what happens in the world around us. There are many routes available today. We can get the understanding by reading appropriate books and listening to masters.  Daily practice of Reiki is another way to progress in this direction.

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