Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh! The flowers

Do you have time to watch flowers in your life? It is an awesome experience to look at their beauty, inhale the sweet fragrance, feel the tender petals and let the eyes soak in those divine colors!

While I was collecting flowers for my morning puja, as I looked at these flowers, something stirred deep inside me. See how the colors are arranged in these petals, and the stalks. Every flower of the same type is always having the same design. Who is doing this? The Universe?  God?

We are our own enemies

Whoever it is doing this, must be doing similar things for the human beings too, isn’t it? Or do you think we don‘t belong to the Universal grid? Whatever is needed for our survival is always provided by the same intelligence.
What I have seen in life is, things that are destined to come to us, will always come...provided we step out of the way. But due to our over anxiety, we create obstructions and in several instances I have seen clearly how people mess up their lives, by their own doing.

The two stands

We can take two stands- one is that everything is predestined, have total faith in that, which takes away the tension. By just keeping on doing our duties (karma according to dharma), we can just let the life unfold and enjoy.

Second approach is to think that you are your destiny maker. This has a problem because we take into account only this life, which is like mistaking the ending of a chapter for the ending of a book. Depending on the culmination of our previous lives, we decide the blue print of our life, before we incarnate. Unfortunately, it is not present in our conscious mind.

Our subconscious mind knows this very well and is always steering our life in the right direction.  By allowing the conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind, we just make our lives a burning hell!

The way out

So, what is the way out? We have to have total trust on either the Universal master mind or our subconscious mind, and just keep doing our duties. Whatever results come, we have to whole heartedly accept that it is just going according to the plan of one of the above. What is the result? Every moment will be filled with peace and bliss. Don’t you covet such a sate?

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