Friday, June 05, 2015

Deception- a compulsory subject

Earth is a school where we have come to graduate. There is no limitation of time; we can take our own sweet time to learn each lesson. Unless we learn it thoroughly, it will keep on repeating. We decide the lessons we have to complete in one life time before we take birth, and we may complete them. We can take multiple life times to complete too.

Just like our worldly studies, here also there are some compulsory subjects and optional subjects. Observing the lives of people around me, and analyzing the lives of hundreds of people who came to me for healing, I have reached the conclusion that deception is a compulsory subject in this earth university.

Some of us encounter deception in childhood itself; it may visit during adulthood, or at the fag end of life. Whatever the age we are in when it arrives, it really takes us to the abyss of depression. And it is not an easy task to come out of it. But we have to come out, or how will we be ready for the next lesson?

There are some things that can help us overcome this depression. The main aspect that prevents healing is the thought, “Why me?”

When we realize that this is an experience affecting every one, the mind calms down and we are open to the means of healing.

Many will lose the interest in living, which brings on a series of physical ailments and they may become bed ridden. My approach in this situation is, suicide is not a solution at all. Being a past life regression therapist, I know the pitiful condition of souls of people who have committed suicide. We don’t know how long we are going to live, let’s take a minimum of one year. That means 365 days. Is it ok to live those many days bed ridden?  If not, one has to shirk the veil of depression and start living for one self.

The moment we tag our happiness to another person’s behavior towards us, we are making ourselves vulnerable to sadness. We need to learn to be happy by ourselves. Happiness is just an internal decision. Every day morning, make a resolution, “Today I am determined to remain happy, regardless of what happens externally.”

Once you have experienced a deception, it is important to forgive the person who deceived you. Believe me, it is not an easy task, and it is going to take time. But forgive we have to, not for the other person, more for ourselves. To release us from the shackles that is holding back the happiness from us. And remember, happiness is our birthright!

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