Monday, December 01, 2014

Do you have a vacuum?

Recently I met this person who was constantly arguing, many times even contradicting his own statements. It is so very easy to get irritated with some one who is out to prove wrong every point you put forth. For some time, I was perturbed, and then it set me to deep thinking. When I looked beyond the words I could see the emptiness in the depth of his eyes, could sense the relationship problems he was going through (which was later confirmed).

Then we were having food with some friends for a few days. I was shocked to see the amount of food they could eat! The short girl half my age was already putting on so much weight. I could see the amount of fat getting deposited on her shoulders and back of the neck, which will surely  lead to joint problems soon. What you eat is making the future you, your body. So the callous attitude towards what and how much is going into your body can invite problems.

Whether it is talking too much or eating too much, they point to a vacuum existing in one’s life. Unconsciously the person is trying to fill that void by indulging in excess. But this attitude will not bring healing and peace in the long run. One needs to look within, and make firm resolutions and bring about some life style changes.

Do you identify any vacuum in your life?

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