Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reiki spreading smiles

She came to learn Reiki because her brother- in- law told her it will make a difference to her life. She was depressed, for lack of love and attention from the husband. She was stressed, as her daughter was not studying in spite of being an intelligent child, and also due to the fact that in her joint family, nobody lent her a helping hand to manage the household chores.  

Though she was doing acupressure for many clients, nobody ever paid her and she was too meek to mention anything about the need of exchange of energy. After finishing the Reiki training, I asked her to teach me some acupressure points and I gave her a fee, ‘This is your first payment for acupressure’, and she beamed. I felt so nice to watch her smile.

After a week, she called me up. She was laughing all the way through the conversation. “You won’t believe it, Reiki is doing wonders for me. My daughter now studies herself, without me nagging her. I am full of energy to manage the house work. I don’t know how, but Reiki is working. And you know what? Clients who come for acupressure are now asking me how much to pay.”

Her words made my day, and my heart sang, ‘Thank you Reiki’ 

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