Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thinking beyond oneself

Recently I heard a colleague remarking, ' I have seen that among professional couples, almost always the wife reaches only upto a certain level whereas the husband will be an achiever and go to great heights'

Friends, can you think why it may be so?

While the fairer ( and supposedly the weaker) sex has taken up professional resposibilities along with the household work, their counter parts just refuse to lessen their workload at the home front. So when the children's education also starts, she has to set her priorities and decide to keep professional achievements at the back seat. This in no way reflects lack of quality in her. In how many households do you see the husbands taking up at least the responsibility of supervising their children's homework?

By striving to develop her children by stealing away some of her professional time, she is creating responsible citizens and better families of tomorrow.

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