Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Take charge of your body

Heart Diseases, diabetes and arthritis are affecting younger generations in recent years. We have to think of two aspects about these. One is, no disease can attack the body without a seed in the mind. Each one affected by a disease has to analyze his/her mind and find out this seed and eliminate it. Is it pent up anger, jealousy, depression or greed?

Secondly, don’t blindly believe whatever the doctor says. The moral values are at the rock bottom in our societies now and all doctors are not exceptions. Every body is in a hurry to make money, and so are the doctors, and this leads to misdiagnosis in many cases.

At the click of a mouse you can get information on any disease and treatment options from the internet. Understand them and take active part in the decision making process. After all, it is your body. Learn and train yourself to listen to your body and you will be surprised at the amount of control you can exercise in keeping it fit and healthy!

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