Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Malabar whistling Thrush following me

When we  reached Sikkim by about 4 pm, it was drizzling and foggy. We settled in our room and I peeped through the window. Part of the city was visible, with mountain silhouette at the back. It was a mesmerizing sight.

I sat down on the bed and just took in the beauty outside the window. There were many trees, I could see huge trunks and dancing leaves. Peace was settling into my being and I got this urge for an open eye meditation.

As I went into meditation for some time, a black bird came and sat on the branch in front. It just sat there, fanning its tail intermittently, looking at me. I was reminded of the Malabar whistling thrush that danced in front while meditating in Valparai. But this was a black bird. I remembered that  as the spiritual path keeps  opening, birds start appearing.

Blackbirds and birds of dark colors are special among their airy clan as they are symbolic of magic, mystery, secrets, the unknown, pure potential and unobvious perception. Through consistent unveiling of our inner depths, (as our coal-black avian friends would have us do) and positive/active utilization of these inner impulses, the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of our own consciousness.  Usually they never come to a person who is not equipped to read the deeper meanings behind its presence.  

Next day morning, to my great surprise, there was the melodious song of Malabar whistling thrush at 5. 30 am. It lasted for about ten minutes only, not like extended periods of time that we heard in Valparai.  Also, in Valparai it started at 4.30 in the morning.  I am not sure how Malabar whistling thrush was singing in Sikkim. We joked that it has followed us all the way from Valparai to Sikkim.

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