Sunday, June 05, 2016

Only you can heal yourself

When people come to me for healing, my first attempt is to make them understand clearly that I am not doing the healing. They themselves are bringing about the healing, I am just channelling more energy to them to make it happen.

For the distant healing we fix the time and the number of days and at the stipulated time, they are supposed to sit in a particular way to receive the energy. Many days after a client’s healing period was over, she messaged me, ‘I could sit only for two days to receive the healing. I got too busy afterwards.’ Oh, really? That means the healing was not in her priority list at all. Looks like it is the healers’ responsibility to bring the results. Many are ‘too busy’ to even sit for ten minutes to receive the healing vibrations. Do they really need to be healed?

Roughly 90% of the clients who come to me believe that they are suffering because somebody has done black magic. I am greatly surprised when even Reiki channels believe this. Reiki is pure positive energy that provides full protection and if one is doing daily Reiki self healing, no black magic can affect them. One doesn’t have to look too deeply to understand the actual situation.

Just like the ethical discipline and practice of correct conduct are necessary for Yoga, they are also necessary for Reiki practitioners and spiritual aspirants. This is the basis of yama and niyama, the two moral backbones of yoga.

Yama, the first limb of Patanjali’s ashtanga yoga means ‘taking a vow’ while niyama, the second limb means ‘rule of conduct’. They are interdependent and niyama strengthens and safeguards yama. The five yamas listed by Patanjali in Yogasutra are nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, chastity/marital fidelity and non-possessiveness.

The niyamas also consist of five limbs, shaucha, internal and external purification; santosha, contentment; tapas, austerity, swadhyaya, self-study and Ishwara pranidhana, surrender to divinity.

During conversation with the Reiki channels who are suffering due to the ‘black magic’, it becomes apparent that they fall short in yama niyama aspects. Many of their sufferings can be explained on the aspects that they have not incorporated into their lives.

For example, a Reiki channel fixed appointment for Reiki IIIA class. The teacher was waiting at the appointed time for the lone student, and when there was no sign of the aspirant, a message was sent to find out what happened. Then the reply comes, ‘Sorry, due to unavoidable reason I am not able to attend today’s class’. This person was going to be a master healer!

Every action that we do has a consequence. When we are so careless in our thoughts and actions, the consequences are bound to happen. Then by making a hue and cry of ‘black magic’, nothing is going to improve. What is needed first is a reality check on our character and conduct. 

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