Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tooth bleaching to increase beauty

For a large number of people today, beauty is in teeth color. Many commercials show film stars advertising for whitening teeth.

Tooth bleaching before marriage

When I did dentistry, I learnt to bleach patients’ teeth that had become dark yellow or black when the pulps were dead or after the root canal treatment. But now I hear that in big cities there is a dental package for those who are getting married, which includes bleaching for all the front teeth. The newly weds can then flash their dazzling white teeth on their D-day.

He wanted the lightest shade

During a tooth bleaching course in USA, one of the persons from the company declared, ‘I have got the bleaching done six times to bring my teeth to this shade’ and beamed. To me, his teeth looked lifeless. By nature, fair complexioned people have light yellow colored teeth and dark skinned people have whitish teeth. I believe that when Nature designed it so, there must be some reason for it, which we are not able to comprehend.

Increased staining frequency

Our teeth become slightly darker as we age. One of my friends in her fifties approached me for home bleaching kit as she wanted whiter teeth before her son’s marriage. I tried to discourage her, in vain. So she went off with the bleaching kit. She was very happy with the result. But now, every four or five months she comes for stain removal.

Last time when she came, I started thinking. The staining problem was not there earlier. Then it struck me. The bleaching procedure has made her teeth surfaces more permeable and they get stained fast. I thought of the  plight of all those newly weds who got their teeth bleached, and thanked God that for the monetary benefit I had never advised any of my patients to undergo ‘beauty bleaching’.

Other associated problems

Transient tooth sensitivity and soft tissue irritation occurs during bleaching. Some times it can damage the roots of teeth. Enamel treated with the bleaching gels also exhibits a small but significant decrease in abrasion resistance. This behavior is most likely due to an alteration of the organic matrix of enamel under the chemical action of hydrogen peroxide.

It may be worth spending some time developing the inner beauty instead of altering the natural color of teeth and suffer the consequences for the rest of one’s life.


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