Thursday, November 26, 2015

Karmic balancing – 1

He is an important person of the village. The main road passes through in front of his house. He doesn’t like the sound of speeding vehicles, so using his power and money, he got two high bumps made a little far from the house on either side. No white paint was applied on them. It caused inconvenience to so many people on two wheelers, cars and loaded trucks, especially at night. The owner of the house was in a position to get this done for his comfort. Do we consider it a serious matter?

It is interesting to see how karma comes back. Strictly speaking, what karmic debt may be there for such an innocuous act? Nothing of significance, right? That is what we think when we consider our karmas. But the fact is that we never get to see the whole picture.

One night, a farmer’s daughter was passing through that road at night on her two wheeler. The sudden high bump was unexpected and she fell down and lost one front tooth. This girl was engaged to be married after a month and because she lost her front tooth, the marriage was cancelled by the boy’s parents.

The girl was heart broken and went into depression, as was her family. Tears were shed in that house every day. They managed to get her a fixed artificial tooth and another boy came forward to marry her, but demanded a high dowry. The parents wanted so much to conduct their daughter’s marriage. The father agreed to give the dowry as he was expecting a good crop from his field that year.

It so happened that there was no rain that year, the crop failed and the father had to take a huge loan to conduct the marriage. Because of that, the girl’s brother, who dreamt of becoming an engineer, couldn’t continue his studies. Seeing a bleak future in front of him, a month after his sister’s marriage, he committed suicide. This plunged his parents into a life time of sorrow and depression.

The act of getting the bump made in front of the house devastated a family. No idea how many other families were affected. In the Universe, action and reaction are always equal and opposite. Nobody escapes the karmic debts and connections.

Time moved on… another life time, different roles. The influential villager was again a man of power. He had a happy family of a loving wife and a brilliant son. This boy was the reincarnation of the boy who had committed suicide. In this life, he became an engineer. On the day of his graduation, he had a big celebration with his friends. While riding back home, he met with an accident and fell unconscious.

He was taken to the hospital, and kept on the ventilator. He never regained consciousness and after five months, decision was made to take him off the ventilator and his body was cremated.

The parents plunged into an abyss of sadness and depression. The father was at a loss to understand why this happened to him. He was a religious and helpful man. A son dying in his youth is the worst thing that can happen to any parent.

The father decided to get a past life regression done and that is when he saw that in a previous life how he got the road bump constructed and that action devastated a family. The boy who committed suicide in that life was born as his son now. He fulfilled his dream of becoming an engineer. He also made his father spend all the money they had lost in the previous life, for his upbringing, education, and hospital expense. Then he just left, throwing his father into the same sadness and depression that he and his family suffered in the previous life because of his present father’s action.

When we do things in life (karma), we see it in a different light. We never get to see the full picture of how our karma is creating ripples. So when the pay back comes, we are thrown off guard. We lament, ‘Why me? I have never done any thing bad to anybody. I am always helping others. God is cruel. We are puppets in the hands of destiny.’

This is far from the truth. God is not sitting up there to mete out punishments. Whatever we experience is all a return of our karmic debts. Now, this return may take one year, a few years, one life time or many life times. By the time we have no clue of our deeds, and to add to that, we don’t get to see the full picture.

We have to remember two things. One is to do anything with total awareness and after thinking deeply. Second is to face any unpleasant situation that comes in life with strength, calmness and a balanced mental attitude.

 Core theme courtesy B K Shivani                                                                                                                                                                        Continued.....CLICK FOR PART 2 

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