Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The significance of human body

Will we use a huge knife to cut a cloth? Or a scissors to cut wood? Around us there are myriads of things for our daily use. We know exactly what should be used for what purpose so that our work is optimized.

When we know that ‘we’ are not the bodies and the bodies are just clothing the souls, it is necessary to think whether we are putting the body to proper use. How exactly are we supposed to be treating the bodies?

We may have so many aspirations and dreams. The body is the only machine with which we can accomplish anything in life. That means we have to take care of this machine, just like one who loves driving a lot, takes great care of his car.

Unlike the car, the human body is a self healing machine. It can take a lot of abuse. So when somebody falls really sick, he/she has taken matters to the extreme that the healing capacity of the body is not able to cope with.

When poisonous foods (fried, tinned, too much cooked etc) are routinely consumed, the body’s defense mechanism kicks in and to protect the blood vessels from this poison, it puts up a layer of fat (cholesterol) on their walls. Instead of correcting the basic cause (changing the food habit), people get angioplasties done. I know people who get it done multiple times. And humans are supposed to be ‘intelligent’ beings!

One of very basic things we can do to keep the body healthy is to get up before sunrise (or at least when the sun rises) because our body rhythm is related to the circadian rhythm. Are we doing that?

- Core idea courtesy Dr. S Goel

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