Monday, June 03, 2013

The sampige saga

 We planted a sampige sapling outside our house 18 years back. Since then I have been dreaming of the tree laden with flowers. I am crazy for its heady fragrance. I watered the plant with love, talked to it and waited for the blooms to show up.

Weeks passed to months, months passed to years. Then I thought that sampige may be having male and female trees like some other plants, and it may not flower. But during a meeting with a friend who is a forest officer, he assured me that it will definitely flower one day.

My hope was rekindled and I started to talk to the tree again, standing on the terrace. On 19th May 2013, I was sitting on the lawn and looked up at the tree. I could see some yellow color among the leaves. My heart stopped for a second. Was I seeing flowers? Yes, they were!

My happiness knew no bounds and I ran to the terrace to take a closer look. And I was surprised to see that all the flowers were on the branch that was closest to the terrace, where I used to stand and talk to the tree!

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