Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vanishing Homes

Every body knows the saying ‘Home, sweet home.’ How does a house become a sweet home? Who is more capable of doing that transformation? A man or a lady? Of course it is a lady (exceptions may be there). It is because God has gifted females with some unique qualities. She has tremendous endurance, patience, strength of will, perseverance, a will to sacrifice and the heart of a mother. Well, it used to be.

Now when I look around, I don’t see many real ‘ladies’. Physically they may look like ladies, but by thoughts and deeds they are men. By non use of their tremendous God gifted qualities, they are impatient, lethargic, and self centered, with no will to do any sacrifice, and love procrastination. They want to have a care free, adventurous life without any responsibilities, especially long term ones. Tragically, the last mentioned quality is widely spread in many males too.

A loving, hard working, patient, and smiling female is a fast disappearing species. I had watched my grand mother with admiration. She was a school teacher, raised 9 kids, who were all educated and well settled later. She had cows to look after, paddy used to come from the fields, she had to boil them in large vessels (in Kerala we eat parboiled rice) and store the rice in ‘pathayam’. She made sweets for her grand children during the festivals. Now it is more of eating even ‘Ona sadya’ in hotels.

At times it is sad to see that girls refuse to become ladies. Refusing to take even small responsibilities, they behave like teenagers. Well, there comes the generation gap. Accept the reality, say adieu to ‘Vanishing Homes’.

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