Monday, September 05, 2011

The choice

The fruit of sin, Oh so beautiful

Look at the mesmerizing color,

The fragrance has made many

Go mad with desire to possess.

To eat or not to eat this fruit of sin,

Is within your control, but isn’t it mean

Not to avail the opportunity,

Who’s bothered about the price

That has to be paid?

As the delicious fruit melts in the mouth,

One is hooked, and wants more and more

And starts finding ways to cheat the loved ones,

Justifications to the sinful deed,

Are many in the mind.

When the flesh is eaten,

And the seed is approached,

The bitterness seep in,

The desire to spit out creep in.

Alas! That’s not the Nature’s way,

The lips get sealed and one is forced,

To chew and take the bitterness totally in.

To eat or not to eat, that is the choice

Nature gives us, but once you take,

There’s no other way than to suffer,

The consequences till the last.

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