Monday, July 30, 2007

Business, unlimited

Our ancestors made the caste system based on the occupation. Business community was supposed to earn a living by doing trades and owning shops.

Entry of multilevel marketing has changed all that. Anyone can become a businessperson now. People trying to rope in others into multilevel marketing have become the greatest threat to peaceful living these days. ‘You have been a loyal customer to the shop for long, what has he given you? ,‘they ask. It shows that ‘What is in it for me?’ syndrome has taken firm roots in our minds.

‘This is a good business opportunity. You don’t need infrastructure, no office hours, no great investment when compared to the return you will be getting’

Sounds great. What am I to do to get the returns in five or six digit figures? ‘You just have to spend half an hour everyday. That too, in the initial stages, we will come to help you, till you gain confidence.’

The illusion vanished when they took away thrice that much of time period from my busy schedule.’ You have all the time in the world to spend with your near and dear ones. This NASA scientist, after five years of his profession, realized he wasn’t getting enough time with his wife. Then he joined this venture, and finally he left his job at NASA. He is now totally into this business.’

I was horrified to hear that. ‘What about his professional satisfaction?’ And spending time with family is a mind set. Those who want to do that will find time in spite of their busy schedule.

‘Don’t you like to have all the good things in life? Toiling from morning to evening, how much can you earn? Just by spending half an hour daily, doesn’t this figure look attractive to you?’

I remembered my good old uncle’s advice years ago. He had asked my plans after finishing post graduation. ‘I’ll go abroad and earn a lot of money.’

‘Always remember one thing. Whatever comes too fast, will vanish also in no time. When a tree grows its roots deep down, taking its own time, it can withstand the storms. Take time grow in your profession. Returns will come by themselves.’

But that dictum is outdated for today’s generation, who want all goodies in life at the blink of an eye. When everybody is out there to get rich overnight, why should I be left behind?

‘From where will the money come to me?’ A bit of analysis showed me that the business venture means, when a customer buys the soap solution or any other product, I get my cut. Once the returns start coming, I’ll taste blood and will start netting more and more people in to keep on getting more and more cuts. I will have to forget about my Sundays because that is when I can go and convince my professional friends to get into the ‘business venture’. Because it will be easier to convince one’s friends than a total stranger.

And to make sure they won’t escape from my business talk, I will have to barge in without prior appointments. If I want to avoid that, I can just hand over their addresses. My partners in the business will go and meet them. But would I like to subject them to the torture, for just being my friends?

The calling bell is ringing…. I open to see a close friend, seeing after a long time. My face lights up in joy, when I hear,’ I have come to announce a great business opportunity. The investment is…..’

Oh God! Not again….

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Anonymous said...

I just happen to stumble upon ur blog. All I have to say is nice blog professor. y dont u post more?

I have a small comment for this blog. You may call it nitpicking but still here goes. I thought the ancestors based the castes on aptitude and later it became hereditary. My source is Gita itself "Chaturvarnyam Myah shrishtam Gunah karmah vibhagashahah"